Monday, March 10, 2008

Smash Brothers for Wii

Nintendo has at last released Smash Brothers for the Wii. My wife had reserved a copy for us at a local video game store, so we picked it up right after church yesterday.

With my daughter asleep, my wife and I started working our way through various challenges and getting used to the controls. Soon, my wife was asleep as well, leaving me to unlock characters, trophies and the like by myself. (After all, these things won’t unlock themselves, so someone had to get to work!)

I’ve only played the game for a few hours so far, but it seems comparable to Smash Brothers Melee for Game Cube. One thing I like is that the challenges aren’t limited to single players anymore, so my wife and I could team up to hit the sandbag or break targets.

The addictiveness of the game is fairly high, and if you have a personality type where you like to accomplish things, you’ll find yourself unable to stop playing, even when your eyes hurt. Not only does the game reveal that you’ve unlocked something (like a new trophy), but it also lets you know of some other things you will unlock if you complete certain requirements, such as win five games with Peach. There is an entire screen with row upon row of boxes that signify something to unlock.

I’d like to see us unlock all the characters just to have them available (in my limited play, I’ve unlocked Luigi and Captain Falcon). We probably don’t have the time to really work this game for all its worth, but it’ll be fun playing it from time to time, especially when we host parties.

Congratulations, Nintendo, on creating yet another great game for the Wii.

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