Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Anthology

I recently found out that my story, "The Whitman Inn," would be included in Plasma Frequency's anthology.  The anthology is a collection of stories from their first year of publication. 

An anthology is just that - a collection of stories.  It differs from a magazine in that the anthology is more of a one-time or annual publication.  It may include reprints (stories that have previously been published), new fiction, or both.

Anthologies are usually themed in some way.  For example, an anthology about wizards, such as Way of the Wizard.  Or the "theme" may be a "best of" anthology, as in the best science fiction of 2013.

For the more talented/popular writers, there may be an anthology solely devoted to their work.  I've read most of H. P. Lovecraft through anthologies.  It makes it a lot easier to obtain a collection of an author's fiction that way, especially for fiction that's decades old.

I'm really excited to be included in an anthology for the first time ever.  For those interested, here are the contents: