Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Illness Invasion

I’m home unexpectedly today. Shortly after I arrived at work, my wife called me, and she sounded terrible. Though she said she would try to muster the strength to endure a day at home with the kids, I made quick arrangements and headed home. Hopefully she can rest while I play Mr. Mom in her place (a role I’m not terrible at, but still a far cry from the real thing).

I was fighting something on Saturday, the only remnant of which is an occasional cough. The kids took turns with fevers, but they seem normal today. I’m hoping that, as a family, we’re on the mend.

It seems like everything falls behind when illness hits. Laundry and dishes seem endless, to-do piles appear in random places. It’s like illness is an enemy invasion, picking apart all things normal and laying siege to the entire household.

My way of fighting back the horde of sickness and disease? Writing this blog post.