Friday, March 21, 2008

The Joy of Writing

I’ve rediscovered that writing is relaxing and enjoyable. Somewhere in the bustling past few months, it seems that I’d lost that realization.

The other day, I was sitting behind the keyboard in my office with my daughter in a baby carrier out in front of me. I had a soundtrack playing, and Elora was kicking and occasionally trying to sing along (at least I think that’s what she was doing). My mind traveled off to the story I was writing, and it was just a wonderful experience.

I try to write stories that others will enjoy reading, but I think that even with stories that don’t make it to publication, I still gain enjoyment from them (along with more experience). Sometimes I do get frustrated with rejections, even after receiving so many, but I need to remember that even though I’m writing with the goal of publication, at the core of it all, I’m writing because I love to write.

This post is to encourage others who have let the strains of publication or life in general get in the way of the happiness that comes from putting words on a page. We are artists, dreamers, imagination wanderers. If we don’t pause to enjoy what we’re doing, why are we even doing it? There was a reason we first started pursuing writing, something we could not explain that compelled us to craft our thoughts through the written word.

If you’ve lost your way, come back. Take up the joy of writing again.

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