Thursday, October 27, 2016

World Fantasy Convention Arrival

Yesterday, we left Indianapolis for Columbus.  But it wasn't a direct route.  First, we dropped the kids with grandparents and then picked up Sara Goodwin (check out her tweets @SoSaidSara).  We got a bit of a late start, but we finally made it to the hotel around 2:30AM.

I'm looking forward to the free book bag, hoping it's as great as the bags issued in past years.  And I don't just mean the books within the bag.  The bag itself is the right size for all kinds of oddities.  For example, I'm using my bag from the 2010 WFC to carry all of my shoes.

"Wait... why did you bring a lot of shoes?"  I wanted options.  For all the times someone is actually going to look at my feet.  Which is probably never.  I hope.  Please don't look at my feet.

The first scheduled events begin at 3PM, which is a short time away.  I still need to run by registration and get something to eat.

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