Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Story Accepted by Crimson Streets

Crimson Streets accepted a fantasy short story I wrote!  "Seekers" is about a trio of characters on a quest... but is it really the same quest?  I'm excited to be published in this magazine; its goal is to bring pulp fiction back.  And who doesn't love good pulp fiction?  Here's a quote from their website:

"Pulp, the fiction, much like the paper on which it was printed, was rough with ragged edges, lacking the smooth polish of the glossy works produced by the literati.  Pulp was not – is not – a genre, it is a style of writing, a feeling, which at its epicenter is the anti-literature, stories for Joe and Jane Six Pack, something to read quickly on the train or bus on the way home from the plant or the office.  The pulps in their heyday, featured fast paced adventure stories of aviators, hard boiled detectives, explorers, horrors, mad scientists, and masked avengers fighting crime on the dark streets."

So swing over to their website, and check them out.

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