Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Break with Guitar Hero II

For Christmas, I received a game from my sister and brother-in-law. They gave me Guitar Hero II for Playstation 2. This is the sequel to a very unique video game in which the player uses a makeshift guitar controller instead of the standard game controller.

I have no skills in playing guitar. My musical background is in percussion only, but understanding rhythm helps immensely with a game such as this. With each song completed, though, I feel as though I could pick up a real guitar and start jamming. It’s an illusion, of course, but when the game is set at medium or higher, it certainly feels much more realistic.

One of the funniest things about the game was watching my dad get hooked. He’s humored me over the years by playing some games with me occasionally, but there were very few he could even tolerate. This, by contrast, was a game that he couldn’t put down. We were up until past 2 AM Christmas Eve playing this game. Actually, he kept playing it, trying to finish one of the more difficult songs (and he eventually got through it).

Guitar Hero II is probably one of the most addictive console games available. No one can stop after just one song, and even five songs feels like a warm-up. We haven’t had a chance to purchase a second guitar yet, but I’m interested in finding out how well the two player match-ups can be. Supposedly, it offers not only head-to-head competition mode but also allows one person to play lead while the other person plays bass.

If you follow my blog for writing advice, then I advise every writer to take breaks here and there, especially around holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. If you’re looking for something fun to do (especially if you want something that isn’t related to writing in the least), pick up Guitar Hero II. It’s simple to learn and has four levels of difficulty to keep most people challenged. If you don’t already own a Playstation 2, head to a local game store that sells used equipment to find one at a good price.

Rock on!


Unknown said...

We decided to get Guitar Hero II because of the late night "concerts." My mom and dad tried it when we visited them, and my brother picked it up pretty quick. I must say, however, that Katherine rocks it out. She is very good. We picked up two guitars (though the wireless one is flawed) and the two player mode is fun. I like playing together, but I think she likes outplaying me more. Glad you enjoy it and keep rockin!


Matthew Wuertz said...

We picked up a wireless guitar, too, but ours works fine. We have the RedOctane model. I've heard that some wireless are good and some are bad. Maybe you could exchange yours for a working model.